Currently you can create web site only when you are official Beta Tester of Jaaz Portal.
If you want to become one please register here.

If you have already registered and have become Beta Tester of our product to create new site you will need to use this simple wizard.

The wizard is very simple one. It have only two steps and in the final third one you will be taken to your newly created site.

First step - choosing site id and name

In the field 'Site id' you need to provide an id of your site. Your site will be visible under name In example above

In the field 'Site Name' you shall provide full name of your site. It will be used also as the site title.

Second step - confirmation

Now you need to check data you have provided. If something is wrong you can always press 'Previous' button and go back to first step to edit the data. If everything is correct please press Confirm button.

Final step - site is created

Congratulations. Your site has been created and is now visible to everyone under address ''. Press Finish button to go to your site and start to customize it.