If you want to edit menu structure you need to open Menu Editor. To do this you need to click on the Edit Menu icon placed at the end of Menu.

You shall then see a Menu Editor that on beginning contains only one entry - the root of menu. Move mouse over this element and you will see a + icon that will allow you to add children items.

After clicking on + icon the window will pop up. You shall there give a name to a children element of the menu. In this example it is a 'CV' entry. You can leave id field empty then it will be generated or you can provide a path to the menu item. For instance putting there cv - will make a path to this item like http://drago.cellohost.com/portal/cv


After entering some menu entries you could want to rearrange their order. It is possible. Just hover on the menu item you want to move then drag it and drop where you want to see it. It is simple like that.

While moving mouse over the menu item you could observe some icons at the right side of it. There are pencil - that will allow you to edit the menu item, minus - to delete it and plus to add an child element.

Please note that in the Free Edition it is not possible to have more that 5 children of menu root item and it is not possible to create 2- and 3- level menus. This options are available starting from Personal Edition.